About Us

If you are an investor, a Realtor representing a client, a “fix and flip” buyer, a landlord building a rental portfolio, or if you are simply looking for a personal residence at a wholesale price, Buyazforeclosures will purchase the property for you and make the process efficient and profitable for you. We purchase residential, commercial and land anywhere in Maricopa County, Arizona and will also be happy to bid for you through our bidding service.


The required research to effectively purchase Trustee Sale properties is time consuming for the smaller investor, we have the staff that does it for you. We look at an average of 750 acquisitions each week and have our professional staff value and bid on these properties to put on our website. We also do full title checks and make sure you are buying the property “free and clear” of all title defects.


You no longer need to waste time(and money) attending multiple sales to only find that when you do attend the trustee sales, you get “outbid” or “bid up” by experienced competition. We give you a direct path to acquire properties at true wholesale prices. You can concentrate on buying, repairing and selling the properties. We do all the paperwork once you purchase our properties!

Master Key Information

Please Contact us at 602-710-2289 to get a copy of our Master Key. This will give you access to any vacant properties in our inventory

Eric Weinbrenner

Eric Weinbrenner is the founder of EZ Homes, Inc, a wholesaling investment company out of Arizona. 20 years with EZ Homes Inc Eric is the CEO overseeing daily acquisitions of investment properties nationwide and the remodeling division.

Eric has wholesaled and flipped over 10,000 homes and personally acquired over 60 rental properties. His latest passion is building multi-million dollar custom homes.

An avid skier from Colorado, Eric spent his early 20's in Steamboat Springs, CO. Eric is a self-made entrepreneur motivated by new challenges in growing real estate markets.