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Let us help you find your next flip at auction. Our team has purchased over 5000 properties at trustee auction for our bidders.

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We drive and photograph every property that goes to auction. We make these freely available to our clients

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We are the only Bidding Service that has in-house title reports checking that the property is clear of any title issues

Wholesale Properties

Our wholesale properties are priced to sell and normally sell within the day. Contact us immediately if you are interested!


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About Us

EZ Homes is a leading real estate investment company in Arizona, specializing in foreclosure properties. With a focus on providing accessible investment opportunities, EZ Homes offers a comprehensive bidding service that allows any investor to participate in the foreclosure auction process. As one of the top buyers in the state, EZ Homes has a deep understanding of the auction process and the local real estate market, making them a trusted partner for investors looking to expand their portfolios.

In addition to its bidding service, EZ Homes offers a wholesale service that provides investors with access to significantly discounted properties. This service is designed to help investors find high-potential investment opportunities quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, EZ Homes has demonstrated impressive growth as a hard money lender, expanding its fund more than tenfold since its inception. This growth has been achieved without the need to increase staff, showcasing the company's efficiency and scalability.

What sets EZ Homes apart is their extremely personable and accessible approach. They regularly work with their borrowers to ensure they have the correct asset and rehab plan in place to guarantee success. EZ Homes cares about their customers like no other, going above and beyond to provide personalized support and guidance. This commitment to their clients' success solidifies their position as a leader in the Arizona real estate investment market, and they continue to provide exceptional value to their clients.